I do dance.

I was challenged by the Lord of dance.
I developed my praise through the dance.
My worship evolved through the dance.

I do dance.

While in the pit I danced.
While in the valley I danced.
While on the mountaintop I danced.

I do dance.

Deliverance is available through the Lord of the dance.
I was delivered through the dance.
I was set free through the dance.

I give God the praise because I do dance.

I do dance.

About DestaIsJoy

Desta is an African Amharic name meaning "joy". My spiritual father and former pastor has twin daughters and one's middle name is Desta. I latched on to that name once I knew the meaning and use it in one of my e-mail addresses and for my website: www.mydestaisjoy.com where I promote my book and other writings. The joy of the Lord is my strength and for that I am truly grateful. For every mountain he has brought me over, for every trial he has seen me through and for every blessing, for this I give God praise!!!
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