Are You Positioned…?


Are you posed and positioned to do EXponentially MORE to advance the Kingdom?

We ALL have gifts…
Are you operating in your gift?
Do you know WHAT your gift(s) is/are?
If not, find out…
If yes, then dig deeper…
WHY has God given you the gift?
Surely not to be a lamp hidden under a bushel.
The Lord wants your light to shine so you can PUSH the Kingdom.
So you can give God EXponentially MORE.

So you can operate in the EX-Factor
So you can give God MORE EXaltation…MORE praise and worship…EXalt God!
So you can give God MORE of yourself as you Operate in EXcellence.
In everything you do…EXcel for God!
So you can give God MORE commitment as you work to EXpand God’s Kingdom.
Be an EXample to draw others to Christ…EXplode for God!

Once you start operating in the EX-Factor
Once you start giving God MORE of you
Then you open yourself up to receive MORE of God
MORE of God in your life means
MORE POWER to stir up the gifts inside of you so you can
Walk out your Kingdom PURPOSE.  

Only what you do for Christ will last.
Let’s get in POSITION.
Let’s get on One Accord as a fellowship of believers (Acts 2:41-45)
and do EXponentially MORE for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Joy L. Wilkerson © February 2, 2016 adapted from January 24, 2016 Church Conference


About DestaIsJoy

Desta is an African Amharic name meaning "joy". My spiritual father and former pastor has twin daughters and one's middle name is Desta. I latched on to that name once I knew the meaning and use it in one of my e-mail addresses and for my website: where I promote my book and other writings. The joy of the Lord is my strength and for that I am truly grateful. For every mountain he has brought me over, for every trial he has seen me through and for every blessing, for this I give God praise!!!
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