Stop It#StoptheTrend of laziness, procrastination, passivity to injustice, getting by, keeping up with culture…
#EndBadHabits of listening to mindless songs and watching mindless T.V., inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, not eating right, frivolous spending…

Stop It!

Stop killing time and wasting dreams with social media.
Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat…they just whittle your life away when not done in moderation.

It’s time to do it God’s way.
Don’t make horizontal comparisons to your neighbor on the left and right.

Jesus is the standard.
How do you line up vertically to what’s required from the cross?

Remember good enough is not God enough.
#StoptheTrend of good enough and strive for a more excellent way…
God’s way!

Rev. Joy L. Wilkerson
Inspired by St. Andrew AMEC NuNation Youth Ministry’s Youth Day Theme “#stopthetrend”, Deut. 2:3 NASB .

About DestaIsJoy

Desta is an African Amharic name meaning "joy". My spiritual father and former pastor has twin daughters and one's middle name is Desta. I latched on to that name once I knew the meaning and use it in one of my e-mail addresses and for my website: where I promote my book and other writings. The joy of the Lord is my strength and for that I am truly grateful. For every mountain he has brought me over, for every trial he has seen me through and for every blessing, for this I give God praise!!!
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