Jesus Quarterback


But despite all this, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loved us enough to die for us. – Romans 8:37 TLB

Football season is here. I am a Carolina Panther fan. My team made it to the big game in 2015 but did not quite pull it off. Many say the game was fixed because Peyton Manning had to go out on a high. While I enjoy watching sports, I am not that vested in any team or any game to get overly wrapped up in all of that. I play in a far more important game called life and my quarterback is Jesus.

 The Holy Spirit is my guide as to whether I do a pass play or run the ball. Regardless to what the offense is doing, God is my defender. “Despite all this”, ultimate victory is mine through Jesus Christ. The Lord loved us enough to die for us. He went down in a grave to tackle the enemy and came up with all power in hands. That is a touchdown and an extra point for the kingdom.


Rev. Joy  L. Wilkerson, © September 8, 2016


About DestaIsJoy

Desta is an African Amharic name meaning "joy". My spiritual father and former pastor has twin daughters and one's middle name is Desta. I latched on to that name once I knew the meaning and use it in one of my e-mail addresses and for my website: where I promote my book and other writings. The joy of the Lord is my strength and for that I am truly grateful. For every mountain he has brought me over, for every trial he has seen me through and for every blessing, for this I give God praise!!!
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